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If you have more than just a simple tax return, you’ll want advice to ensure you’re doing everything you can to minimise your tax.

  • Investment or Employee share scheme questions?
  • Sleep easy knowing that everything is correct
  • Assist with strategies to minimise your tax

We’ve all experienced a backyard barbeque where the topic turns to tax deductions and negative gearing. And no doubt you’ll walk away feeling like you might possibly be missing out on something – but not even sure what that might even be!

No matter how simple or complicated your tax return, our team is available to you as a resource. So you can ask any of those burning questions such as “What is salary sacrifice?”, “Is negative gearing a good thing?” or “My employer is talking about providing me a company car – what will that mean?”.

There’s no need for you to visit our office to complete your tax return – we can do it all by phone and email.

But we’ll make sure that we’ve gone through everything with you so that you don’t pay any more tax than you should.

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