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Your clients love the quality homes you built for them. It’s time you got the same satisfaction from the business you’ve built. Let us help you:

  • Achieve your warranty limits
  • Minimise your tax
  • Take the headache out of compliance and record keeping

Builders love to know

Are you having trouble increasing your Home Owners Warranty insurance cover? Have you been labelled ‘at risk” and unsure how to move forward? Or simply struggling to keep up with the strenuous requirements to maintain your eligibility?

After working with leading professionals in the industry we have developed systems and strategies to help you take control of your own growth.

Home owners warranty insurance can be a huge constraint for a builder wanting to grow their business. Eagle Financial can help you achieve outcomes with your business that you have been longing for.

We can assist with:

  • Helping you understand and manage your ANTA (Adjusted Net Tangible Assets)
  • Simplify the task of reporting WIP (Work in Progress)
  • Best practice software for maintaining reliable and easy reporting
  • Implementing systems for effective cashflow management
  • Implement job-based profitability reporting
  • Help you navigate the requirements for eligibility increases
  • Reporting for medium and large builders
  • Assistance with onerous reporting requirements for large builders and intensive monitoring
  • Ongoing performance scorecard against HWI criteria

By working alongside your insurance broker, we can ensure that the financial information presented represents your business in the strongest possible position. We understand how important warranty is to your business and the financial impact it can have when it’s not managed effectively.

Eagle Financial specialises in the specific needs of builders and enjoys the challenge of achieving success for our clients.

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